Simon Thompson, An Englishman in Bordeaux...

A chance encounter in France’s most celebrated wine region is behind the Thompson’s® range and concept.
It was the end of the 1970s and his father, Brian Thompson, who worked in London for the forerunner of DIAGEO, took control of the Hine cognac distillery for 11 years. The family therefore left the UK to settle in Jarnac.

Sucked in at the age of eight, this singular English gentleman has made Charente his home and specialised in spirits in 1992, with the two-year master’s offered by the Eaux-de-Vie University in Segonzac; as a matter of fact, he has now been teaching on that master’s course for many years.

It was during a class, surprised at the lack of distilling in Bordeaux, that he discovered from one of his students, Christophe Douence, that there was just one Fine Bordeaux distillery still in existence. However, the last time it had produced anything had been 20 years previously!

For Simon, an enthusiastic and creative entrepreneur, this was the start of a crazy challenge, but an opportunity for the Fine Bordeaux controlled designation of origin (AOC), which was scheduled to expire in February 2015.

Thanks, in part, to his efforts, Fine Bordeaux has become a geographic indication (IG), under the responsibility of the Bordeaux and Superior Bordeaux (BBS) producers’ organisation.
Since then, Simon has been an associate member of the BBS producers’ organisation and one of the six official tasters for the Fine Bordeaux IG.

Inspired by the region’s heritage and the quality of its Ugni blanc and Colombard varietals, Simon decided to create his range of spirits in 2010.
The Thompson’s range is now expanding from one year to the next, while always respecting its founding values: artisan production, small batches, quality, authenticity, origin, taste and innovation.